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Success for All (SFA) is a comprehensive reading approach designed to ensure that every child will read at grade level or above. The program emphasizes prevention and early intervention to respond to and solve any child’s learning problems. SFA is an approved model in accordance with the “No Child Left Behind” legislation. Success for All provides schools with:

  • Research-based curriculum materials.
  • Extensive professional development in proven instructional strategies.
  • Assessment and data-monitoring tools.
  • Classroom management techniques.
  • One-to-one tutoring for struggling students.
  • Ongoing family involvement and community support.


**Read and Responds

-  Every child in grades 1st – 6th is responsible for completing Read & Respond activities each night.  They are to read for at least 20 minutes to an adult and then write the title of the book and 2 sentences about what they read in their R&R pages in the planners. You will need to sign the R&R page and the daily homework page in the planner once your child has completed his/her own work.  The R&R is no different than any other homework; it is to be done when they are absent.  Your child’s homeroom and reading teacher will be checking the planner daily.